Trail Ninja

If you haven’t been watching Dan Milner’s Trail Ninja series on EpicTV, it’s pretty friggin’ good. I am not one for travel videos, but this series is soooooo much more. Dan is a Brit, relocated from England to the mountains of Chamonix, and has made a career photographing what’s out there is some pretty distinct ways. (see Dan’s photo site).

More to the point for me – since I am a mountain biker – is that Dan is Epic TV’s Mountain Bike editor and a pretty hilarious on-camera presence. Since I spent a month in Spain recently, this one (Episode 10) really made for some grins. Click to watch!


Funny stuff. Can’t wait to go back there and try those trails. And he’s not kidding about the goats. They pop up everywhere. You could absolutely go flying.

Hats off too, to Trey Cook, who has built EpicTV into a really impressive site for action sports since its debut only a couple years ago. But Trail Ninja is by far my favorite.


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