mototaxi junket
mototaxi junket

Xpedition.TV is a new independent online channel for explorers and adventurers!

Our mission is to connect people with the funds and resources to make their expeditions possible. And to show everyone MORE of what is possible when we live bigger, bolder lives.

How are we doing it?

We’re doing this through a series of open competition ‘challenge awards’ for bold and innovative adventures. There will be challenges open for “first of its kind” expeditions. There will be challenges for innovation & technologies that advance a sport. There will be long distance challenges and humanitarian challenges. There will even be an awesome, Gap Year Challenge for 18 year olds to take a year before college to do something amazing. Most importantly, there will be your challenges. Ideas we’ve never heard of and couldn’t even imagine – until you show up. With an expedition that just has to get done.

Call to Action

How does this all happen? It happens through you. It happens when enough of us SAY it should happen. When enough of us click on the subscribe button, like the Facebook page, and join the website to say: “We’re out here. And we want some friggin’ great indie programming about adventure. We want to send explorers on the road. We want to see what they do!” If you’ll do that, we’ll do this. It’s no different for us than it is for Fox or NBC.

The number of subscribers = the number of dollars available for our explorers.

Only WE won’t waste your time with dumb advertisements you don’t wanna see. We’ll work with sponsors who are smart enough to know that supporting the outdoor community, earns the respect of the outdoor community. So support independent programming. Subscribe to our channel. It costs nothing. And it really does put explorers on the road. Hopefully even you.

Jump to main website. Meanwhile, here’s a sample of what you can look forward to:

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