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Xpedition.TV Launches Short Film Competition

XpeditionTV Short Film ChallengeBig day everyone! Xpedition.TV kicks off our very first challenge award with this short film competition for adventurer filmmakers!

“Emerging Talent Filmmakers Challenge”

Submissions DUE by July 15, 2013 so enter as soon as possible!
(See full competition rules & details).

The short film competition is being sponsor by GOAL ZERO, a Utah based tech company who makes solar rechargeable power supplies for outdoor adventurers. They’re putting up a state-of-the-art Sherpa 50 for each of three film categories. Thank you, GZ!

The Categories

  1. Most Inspiring 
  2. Most Innovative
  3. Most Surprising

If you’re an outdoor sport / adventure filmmaker, this is for you! Just watch this challenge video, subscribe to our youtube channel, and follow submission guidelines here.

Please share, tweet, FB and help us spread the word! So we can create bigger, bolder challenges for more adventurers!

Ric Gibbs’ Talk at BIL Conference


A million thanks! Ric Gibbs’ talk “Risky Business: why jumping off a cliff is safer than your couch” has been voted onto the main stage at the BIL Conference! Yay!!

With a scant 5 day window to organize, we were one of the TOP vote-getters in a field of 60 speakers. So I cannot thank you enough making that happen. Votes poured in from all over the states, Europe, even a few from Asia and New Zealand. You guys friggin’ rock!

We’ll be discussing the crucial role that risk and meaningful challenge play in our psyche. And introducing a lot more people to Xpedition.TV’s mission and plans to achieve it!

Anyone interested in attending this eclectic, visionary conference can use the discount code “gibbsBILfriends” for 20% off at registration.

DATES: March 2-3 (Saturday-Sunday)
LOCATION: 230 Pine Street, Long Beach, CA

We’ll send out a blast just as soon as we know our slot on the schedule.

Ric Gibbs