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Adventurer of the Year: Renan Ozturk

One of the oldest sherpas in the Khumbu, Karma Tsering.  photo by Renan Ozturk
One of the oldest sherpas in the Khumbu, Karma Tsering. photo by Renan Ozturk

As promised, we begin our look at National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year with Renan Ozturk.  I have not met Renan, other than to shake his hand at his movie premiere in Telluride last year, but I am a big fan. Not only does he climb with the best, but his filmmaking skills rock. Haunting, evocative, intensely personal glimpses into the expeditions he and buddies go on.

Renan Ozturk, photo by Jimmy Chin
Renan Ozturk, photo by Jimmy Chin
If you can, take a look at the film he and Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker made about their Return to Meru (also known as “The Shark’s Fin” for its crazy, bladed ascent into Himalayan mythology). Not only did these guys return after a grueling defeat just short of the summit, but Renan signed up for the return only six months after a near fatal skiing accident that fractured his neck, and left him almost immobilized. So we get two big comebacks in his movie. The team’s. And his. I can’t tell you which was more powerful. Both were huge. And are probably a good part of why Renan was nominated this year.

But to think of Renan as just a mountain climber, even a great one, is to miss the point of his chops as an artist. His awesome ability to translate shooting, climbing, painting into a visceral experience for the rest of us. Life – as Renan – isn’t necessarily heroic. But it’s always engaging.

Not to be overlooked, Renan’s paintings are wildly expressive. Part sherpa, part Van Gogh, awesome filmmaker and (apparently) unstoppable climber. What else could you want in an Adventurer of the Year?

Renan’s artwork can be found at live-books. Photography here at the North Face blog. And on instagram.

Everest from Space

Mt. Everest from Space
Mt. Everest from Space

Props to Kraig Becker (Adventure Blog)  who found this snap of Mt. Everest in Atlantic Magazine.  Astronaut Ron Garan took it from the international space station.

You’re probably used to seeing the magnificent one more like this:

wikimedia commons
wikimedia commons

But for me, there is no less wonder from the top side.  I love NASA.  Any time we can return a sense of mystery from beyond our small corner of the world, it’s money well spent (to me).

Joy Trip Project

One of my favorite adventure blogs is James Mills’ Joy Trip Project. I’ve written about James before (see adventure journalism). He’s a first rate journalist who has turned his talents to the world of outdoor adventure in a series of fascinating podcasts. I like to download mine on iTunes and listen in the car. Always an inspiration.

Hilaree O'Neill
Hilaree O’Neill

A perfect example is this newly released interview with high altitude skier and mountaineer, Hilaree O’Neill, who climbs with the Northface team. Not only is she a mother of two small boys (3 & 5) but this year she and her team tackled Everest and its sister peak Lotse in a single push!
It’s a great story, just click this podcast below.

SPOILER ALERT: My favorite question from James: Between motherhood and mountaineering, what’s the bigger challenge? Hilaree: “Motherhood.” Go figure. joy trip project


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